About Us

DOBSON makes wear-everyday all-year-round wardrobe staples from the finest British wool fabrics. One of the most effective forms of all-weather protection known to man, the technical characteristics of wool make it the ideal fibre to wear in any season.

The performance requirements of contemporary workwear are fundamentally different to superseded models. Engineers of software, architects of information, mechanics of nanotechnology, builders of the digital universe now explore the scope of human achievement from ultra clean studios and workshops. The cut of a luxury suit may be impractical for this environment but the wool fabric itself is precision engineered.

Wool is the original technical fabric and forms a staple part of the DOBSON range across all seasons.  A renewable fibre and biodegradable, breathable - ensuring the wearer is not too hot or too cold, durable, crease resistant and odour minimising means it lasts longer between cleans.

Our premium fabrics give a unique twist to traditionally casual workwear pieces. Industrial utility garments for a new wave of engineers and pioneers in a digital age.